Giving YOU the chance to SPEAK!!

In-company English Lessons

Give your employees the opportunity to use and improve their confidence when speaking English!

Let your employees be free with their english...

Give your employees the opportunity to use and improve their confidence when speaking English!

It's no secret English is the language of business and we all know without English you can't do business outside your country, so it's paramount your employees are able to use English and especially speak English comfortably.

Nowadays, it is the norm for businesses to have English lessons in their offices or online on Zoom, Skype, or Teams as more and more people work remotely. Some big IT companies even have their own team of English teachers who work in the company providing classes and training in all area of the English language.

I offer companies an addition to their traditional English course-book lessons. A speaking club or conversation club if you prefer. Basically a chance for your colleagues to let their hair down and use their English is a free way, away from all the gap-fill exercises and formal stuff that your traditional lesson might carry.

Not only are English conversation clubs great for boosting fluency and confidence when speaking English, but they do also provide a lot of additional benefits for your workers that aren't language related. You can have a read of those here.

Conversation clubs can be done online using Zoom - I have premium - or the good-old-fashioned way by me coming into your office. Should you decide to have speaking clubs in the office, I will need a room that has a screen that everyone can see. Travel distance from my office shouldn't also exceed 30 minutes.

The maximum size for a conversation club online is 6

The maximum size for a speaking club in-person is 8


Invoices will be provided for your company

1 GROUP - 250PLN = 250PLN
2 GROUPS - 200PLN = 400PLN
3 GROUPS - 170PLN = 510PLN


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