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Speak, Speak, Speak!

It's hard to speak English on your own, but with the Internet it's not! You can easily find a native English speaker to practise your speaking skills with or if you want to save a few pennies, then you can always find a language exchange partner or even an online English speaking club...

If you ask most students what do they want to do in the classroom, most of them will say 'I want to speak' and this is totally understandable as this isn't really something you can do on your own, especially when you live and work in a monolingual environment. That's why online English lessons are great because they can give you that opportunity to speak to someone using Skype, Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet in English and let you use your spoken English skills out of the cage where they have been for so long. But, you should make sure the teacher you are working with is aware you are there to use your speaking skills and improve your confidence, fluency, and if they are doing their job correctly, your accuracy too. There is nothing worse than being trapped by gap-filled exercises as your teacher says 'let's look at exercise D' when all you want to do is talk about the amazing 2 weeks you spent in Brazil last month. Remember, the teacher works for you, so you should be calling the shots - making the important choices. 

Of course, the Internet is a massive place and you don't really need to find an online English teacher and pay for those Skype classes or Zoom lessons because there will be people just like you looking for the same thing. An opportunity to speak, speak, and speak some more. I've listed a few options below to help you set free your spoken English.

NativeSpeaker UK You're in the right place. You're already here. You can find the prices of lessons here, and read how all lessons have been designed to give you every opportunity to speak here.

I Want to Speak! - A simple classified ads website where all you have to do is click 'language exchange' and post that you're looking for an English speaking partner. You don't even have to register to post. Actually, you don't even have to post as there are posts already listed from people in the same boat as you - in the same situation. Just remember to activate your post by email. 

Online English Speaking Club - If you've never heard of a speaking club you might know it as a conversation club, no? OK. Basically there is a topic, a group of people, and depending on how many people, you either speak to each other in small groups or you talk to each other as one bigger group. Online English Speaking Club has small numbers which is great for opportunities to speak, plus, the host is an English native speaker from England which makes things nice and natural. As well as paid topics, there are FREE ones. Just make sure you register when the registration link is open because the groups are small and people quickly fill the speaking clubs up. 

What are you waiting for? Speak, speak, speak!



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