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Russian speaking students

Why I love Russian speaking students


Before I started teaching English on Skype and Zoom I used to work in Russia, both in Moscow and one of my favourite cities St. Petersburg. I worked there between 2011-2014 and really enjoyed my time working with Russian students of all ages. I enjoyed all the food in Russia, especially the different types of soup. I felt warmth and kindness from the Russia people, and I got to learn about their culture and customs as well as the way they learn English. It's been way-too long since I was last in the country, but I hope sooner rather than later I'll make a return. 

Russian Speaking Students

When people ask me who my favourite type of students to teach are, I always say Russian and Ukrainian. I like the fact that Russian students aren't afraid to say what they think and I appreciate the fact that PC - political correctness - doesn't really exist in the country, so there can be no hiding in what someone really wants to say. Maybe because Russia was the first country I went to teach in, I feel an affection for them when others are too easy to criticise them. In summer I don't give English classes on Skype or Zoom, I am usually in the classroom of some summer school in England. It's always really nice, and a pleasure for me to have a Russian student in my classroom. 

Common Russian Mistakes

For over 9 years I have been working with Russian speaking students, be that Russian speaking in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, or Belarus. With all that experience I already know the mistakes they are going to make before they make them. This knowledge allows me to help Russian speaking English learners and correct those mistakes to get them sounding nice and natural. I wrote a blog post about these mistakes a few years ago. You can read it here.  



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