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Lesson plans for teachers

As a teacher and an online English teacher, I know how much time you can spend looking around for a decent lesson plan to use in the classroom. Below you'll find some of my own lesson plans that have worked for me and hopefully will work for you. 

lesson plans

My City - Key vocabulary for talking about different areas of a town/city/village. A listening about Stockholm, Sweden, and plenty of opportunities to SPEAK!

Christmas Time - A Christmas lesson plan with loads of opportunity to SPEAK and some reading about Christmas traditions from around the globe. Includes two short Christmas-themed adverts to watch to then be retold. 

Fashion, baby! - This is a project lesson on the topic 'fashion' which can be done over two 90 minute lessons which will end in students presenting their own fashion brand. 

English Conversation Lessons - A guide how to approach a speaking lesson with a couple suggestions for lessons that require no preparation.

Stereotypes - An interesting and controversial subject that will always bring interesting discussions. Includes a reading through video and adjectives for describing people. 

The FUN Lesson - A really nice way to end the course or academic year with a series of fun games designed to bring all kinds of language to the front of your students' minds that might be sitting at the back of it. 



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