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Online English Lessons or Language School? 

You've probably found this page because you are thinking about studying English online using Skype or something similar. It's also likely you are thinking why should I choose an online English teacher to learn English with and not just find a teacher or tutor for face-to-face lessons. Well, I'm going to try and outline the advantages of studying online, and then compare them with studying in-person at a language school. 

Why are online English lessons better for me?

The obvious advantage about having English lessons online is you don't need to go anywhere. You can study from the comfort of your own home. After a long-hard day, the last thing you want to do is run home to get changed and then get ready for your English lessons. You get home, and you're in the classroom.

Another plus is you get the full attention of teacher. Unlike group language lessons, you are going to be sole focus of the lesson. The attention is YOU and all speaking you do is going to be done with your teacher which in turn will allow for more corrections and suggestions.

If you’re looking for an English native speaker for Skype or online lessons, and you decide to study with me, you also don’t need to worry about being on webcam. I use slides in my lessons, so you can even be laying in bed doing a lesson and I wouldn’t even know.

But at a school....

You are most probably going to study in a group. The size of the group can vary, but I imagine on average you'll have around 8 students in your class. This is great if you want to be more social, make friends, and network. I have seen real friendships being borne from studying English in groups.

I'm hopeless with technology will I be OK?

I can understand why someone who isn't very tech-savvy would worry about studying English online, but really you shouldn't. You simply login to Skype and click answer when your online English teacher calls you. It is then in the hands of the teacher to make sure that everything runs smoothly. I personally prefer to use Zoom as a teaching platform. All you need to do is click a link, and the classroom then loads.

But at a school....

It’s real life, you don’t need to worry about using technology. You’ll probably have a course book and with this you’ll use a pen. Nothing to worry about.

How can I trust I find a good online English teacher?

Unfortunately you can't. There are many English native speakers working online who aren't qualified. This is fine if your aim is just to have conversations online with a native speaker, but if you want explanations on why X is a mistake and Y is a more common phrase, you're going to need someone experienced and qualified. I am an English native speaker, and I am a qualified teacher with over 8 years teaching experience, so with me, you can trust you’re going to get quality.

But at a school....

All teachers including native English speakers working at any decent school are going to be qualified to teach. They are also going to meet the standards of the school, so you can be safe in knowing your teacher knows their 1st conditional sentences to their 2nd

I want to try a lesson with you...

Sure, while I don’t offer free online English language lessons, the first lesson is always at a reduced price. Also, if you wish to study with me after the first lesson, I also offer a reduced price when you buy 4 online English lessons. You can find out about the prices here.

Hopefully this has made things a little clearer and I hope you decide to choose me to become your native English speaker and online English teacher.



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