Giving YOU the chance to SPEAK!!

How does it work?

My online lessons are different from your traditional Skype lesson. There is no webcam*, so you don't need to feel awkward. I use presentation slides to help the lesson flow. I also use a program called Zoom which works like a virtual classroom. With a combination of engaging slides, useful information, my voice, and your listening and speaking skills, you can expect a very productive lesson.

*I will introduce myself on camera in the first lesson.



All lessons have been planned with the same objective, to maximise your opportunity to speak and build on your vocabulary and expressions while correcting any mistakes you might make during a lesson. You can also get ready for the first lesson by reading this.

Let's Get Ready

Day and Time

The first thing to do is get in contact letting me know you're ready for your first online English lesson with a native speaker and the day(s) and time(s) you're available. 

All the infomation

My reply

I'll reply to your email or message and again just confirm all the details about how lessons work, how I teach, prices, and confirm your day and time. 

We're all set

Click the Zoom Link...

In my confirmation email, I'll provide the Zoom link which we are going to use. This Zoom link never changes and it is always the same. Just click it, and you're ready to enter the lesson. Remember, you can use a tablet or phone for your online English lesson, just make sure you download the Zoom app the store of the operating system of your phone/tablet.

The Online English Lesson Begins

Hello, how's it going?

You will be greeted with a welcome slide and a 'hello, how's it going?' from me. You will also see me on camera.You do NOT need to be on camera. I will be there just to say hello and explain what we are going to do before turning the camera off. All of our material will be on the slides on the screen. Another reason why I don't use cameras, I think you have to focus more on listening without them and therefore are giving your listening skills a good workout too. 

Let's SPEAK English!

The Topic and Conversation...

Each lesson will have a different topic each time, so for example Men and Women could be the topic of the lesson we have that day. One slide might have a picture of a married couple which might generate a conversation on how people get married, what they do before the marriage, and perhaps why people get divorced. Another slide, usually in the middle of the lesson, might look at some vocabulary connected with relationships, for instance, to break up, to make up, to propose. After looking at these words, we will try and use them in conversation and again try and build a conversation from them, so you feel comfortable using them in your own English.

Rounding up


Towards the end of the lesson (and throughout) I'll refer to my notes on any mistakes, or things to come back to that happened during our online English lesson. 

What we talked about

Post Lesson

You get an email from me with all of the words and expressions we've talked about during the lesson with some extra ones too, all in context to help you revise. This is just for you to read and for your own reference to go over what we talked about in our English lesson.


Feel free to get in contact by email, social media or messenger



To Speak