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Below you find some very useful articles to help you with your English. The articles range from useful phrasal verbs and idioms to which exam you should take in English. If there is any kind of article you'd like to see on the site, please do let me know and I'll see what I can do. 

Articles to help you improve your English.

10 Business Phrasal Verbs to Use - 10 very useful phrasal verbs which you can use in your daily working life.

Confusing English words for Russian & Ukrainian speakers - words to be aware of for Ukrainian and Russian English learners.

Confusing words English for Russian & Ukrainian speakers Part 2 - part 2 of words to be aware of learners from RU and UA.

Online lessons or school lessons? - find out the difference between Skype lessons and traditional English lessons at a school.

Business English: Networking - learn some useful phrases to take with you when you next need to network at a conference.

Business English: Advertising -  Work in marketing? I've got you covered, here is some essential marketing vocab and expressions.

Business English: Write a Cover Letter - Ready to apply for a job? Got your CV? Now it's time to write a cover letter

Business English: Giving a presentation - Get loaded with some
and expressions for your next presentation.

Business English: Negotiation - Get ready for your next negotiations with these phrases.

Preparing for a Job Interview in English -  Get ready for the big day with some usage language and some practice questions.

The many faces of pick up - the god-father of phrasal verbs with many different meanings. 

Music - life without music would be so dull!.

Drunk-alcohol language - some great phrasal verbs to use to talk about your last night out. 

Alternatives to like - add some spice to talking about your hobbies and interests with some like alternatives. 

Words and phrases with shop - some connected to shopping and some aren't.....

Time Expressions - time is the most common noun in English so naturally it is used many times in English. Have a read of some very useful English phrases with the word time.

Animals Idioms - there are lots of different idioms in English. Have a look at these useful ones that all contain an animal in them.

The language of love - Valentine's Day is nearly here, so load up on your language of love. 

Money, money, money - Have you ever been fined? Not sure what that means? Come and learn some money vocab!.

The English Good Bye - Wonder why the British never say good bye... because they use some many alternatives. 

Weather vocab - Is it spitting or pissing it down? With this you'll be ready to talk about the weather. 

Used to and To be/Get used to - find out the difference between these two very common and very different constructions.

Addictions - the horrible world of addictions, but some great words and phrases to have in your word bank. 

IELTS Essay Writing - help with the structures of the essay writing in IELTS part 2.

Swearing in English - those naughty words they don't teach you in the classroom!.

10 Phrasal Verbs to Sound Natural - start using these 10 everyday phrasal verbs and make your language sound more natural. 

Telephone Language - Useful phrases and phrasal verbs for when you're on the telephone. 

Christmas vocab - it's that time again. Let's learn some cool Christmas words.

HA-HA-HA-HA - Laughing and joking in English.

Say 'CHEESE!' - taking pictures in English.

Talking about the weekend and days off - what to tell someone your plans for the weekend? Here are so nice phrases to help!

Talking about age in English - useful words and phrases to talk about age and the aging process.

11 GETS to remember - 11 different meanings of get to make your life easier.

FAME! - Useful words and expressions to talk about fame. Especially if you get this in the IELTS speaking test.

Fear and Worry Vocabulary - worrying about what words to use to talk about your fears? There are here.

Useful Phrases with Parts of the Body - a phrase for each month of the year using a part of the body.

Talking about your family - everything you'll need to talk about your family and upbringing.

What English exam should I take? - a look at some common questions my students ask me about taking an English exam.

Politics in English - if you like to talk about politics, then all of these words and phrases will give you the edge!.

Talking about films in English - make sure you have the questions to ask about your next film or tv series. 

Conditionals in English - there are 5 conditionals in English and this is how you use them and how to form them.

Vocabulary and Collocations When Talking about Celebrations in English - get ready for the party with these words and collocations.

Reporting verbs - we use say and tell a lot in English, but we have lots of different reporting verbs that can help us say HOW something was said.

Different ways of comparing things - you know how to use bigger than and less expensive than, so now it's time to learn some new ways of comparing.

Accommodation - talking about accommodation and using the causative to talk about work you have HAD DONE.

City Vocab - really useful words and phrases used to talk about your city or describing one.

British or American words - which do you think you use more of?

Hard Times - we are currently in hard times and now is the time to learn some words connected to talking about these difficult times.

Writing and replying to a letter of complaint - read how to structure a letter of complaint and how to reply to one using some very useful phrases.

A - Z of recruitment - if you work or are thinking about APPLYING FOR a job in recruitment then you need to know these words.

TIME, TIME, TIME - It's everywhere in English. Come and learn some new collocations with the word TIME!.

Phrasal Verbs for Project Managers - If you're a project manager, and you need some useful language to help manage your team, this one is for you.

Colour Expressions - read about some useful verbs, idioms, and expressions that contain a colour. 

Fashion English - all the words you'll need to talk about fashion and going shopping.
Giving advice in English - do your friends ask you for advice? Here are some expressions so you can give advice in English.

Useful words and phrases - some nice-natural-native vocabulary to help you sound natural.

Online English Lessons with a Native Speaker - the best choice for Polish speakers.

Learn English Online with a Native Speaker - flexible, affordable, and effective.

Hire English Native Speakers for Your Business - boost your reach and profits.

Speak English Like a Native - the guide to confident and natural communication.

English Learning Language - tips, resources, and strategies.

Maximise Your English Use - tips and techniques for effective communication.

Confident English Speaking - master the art of communication.

English Skype Lessons - learn English online with experienced teachers.

Maximise Your English Use - tips and techniques for effective communication.

Speak English Like a Native Speaker - tips and strategies for language learners.

Learning English from a Native Speaker - benefits and tips for non-native speakers.

Becoming a Proficient Speaker of English - tips and strategies for non-native Speakers.

English Made Easy - tips for learning English quickly.

Accents are Great - why your accent could be someone's favourite.

English for Learning - why English is the best language to learn.

How to Succeed in Your Class of English - tips and strategies.

English Learning Language - tips, resources, and strategies.

The Benefits of Being a Fluent Speaker of a Second Language.

Why your company should have a weekly English speaking club...

A Convenient and Effective Way to Improve Your English Language Skills

Online English Speaking Practice with Native Speakers

Online English Lessons with Experienced Teachers

Where Can I Talk to Native English Speakers for Free?

How to Listen to Native Speakers and Improve Your Language Skills

Improve Your English with Online Classes from Native Speakers

Tips and Strategies for Learning English Speaking

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Станьте Native English Speaker - изучение английского языка

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