Giving YOU the chance to SPEAK!!

English for your son or daughter!

English is more than a language. It is a tool for a brighter future not only in work and study, but also in life. Make sure your children feel comfortable and confident using and especially speaking English when the time comes. 

Your children will need to speak english in the future, so help them now by building their confidence with english speaking lessons. 

Your son and daughter almost definitely studies English at school, but they might not be getting enough speaking practice. It's essential that teenagers have the opportunity to speak. Speaking is key not only in developing fluency, but developing confidence. Your son and daughter WILL need English in their future and there is no better preparation than giving them private English speaking lessons with a native English speaker.

I have a few questions....

  • How much and how long is a lesson?
    You can find the price list just below. The more lessons you buy the cheaper the per-lesson price. Each lesson for teenagers is 50 minutes.
  • What will you talk about?
    Each lesson will be a different topic. The topics will be general and will almost certainly coincide with the topics in their school's course book.   
  • Will you teach grammar?
    No. Lessons are all driven by speaking and improving your child's fluency and confidence. Of course, if there is a grammatical error your son or daughter repeatedly makes, it will be mentioned to them and explained, but the sole drive in the lesson is speaking. 
  • Will there be a course book, material, or homework?
    There will be none of the above. All the class material will be on the screen in the form of a presentation slide which will be used to help our speaking lessons flow. 
  • Can you give me feedback on my son or daughter?
    I can give you some feedback, no problem. I would suggest at least 5 lessons passing before requesting it though. 
  • Zoom or Skype?
    That's your choice. I use both, but whatever your child feels most comfortable using is fine with me.  
  • My child doesn't talk much, how can you get him/her to speak?
    The most important thing is they want to speak. They want to learn English and they want to use it. If they are being forced by you, yes you, then this is a non-starter and there is no point. Sometimes it can be easier for teenagers to talk in a foreign language.
  • Can we set-up a first lesson?
    We sure can. Just send me an email with the details.
  • Is there a minimum age and level?
    The minimum age is 14 and the minimum level is B1 - intermediate.
  • Who are you?
    You can find out more about me and my teaching journey here.
  • Can we talk?
    Feel free to call or message me using any of the contact forms here.
  • I have another question...
    If you can't find the answer to your question on the site, just get in contact and I'll get back to you with an answer. 

Your child doesn't need to be on camera. The focus will be on the slides on the screen. 


First lesson

€20 / 100zł

This is the first lesson, and it is always discounted. It's a chance for you to see how lessons work and if they are for you. It will also give me the chance to see where you are with your English.


€30 / 120zł

If you are unsure of your schedule, and not sure when you will be free for your online English lesson, then this is best for you. It gives you full control over your lessons.

4  LESSONs - Once a week

€110 /440zł

Ideal for studying once a week. This will give you a guaranteed weekly slot.

8 LESSON - twice a week

€200 / 800zł

Ideal for studying twice a week. This will give you a guaranteed weekly slot.



To Speak


Feel free to get in contact by email, social media or messenger